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Property notary in Rennes

It is essential to employ a property notary in Rennes for property sales. This notary offers advice and checks and draws up deeds. He supports his clients throughout the sale process.

Under Article 1583 of the French Civil Code, the sale is complete when the parties agree on the goods and the price.

Yet in practice, this is not enough.

Indeed, for the purposes of proof and therefore legal certainty, provision has for a long while been made for the publication of sales in the competent mortgage registry to know and make known, conclusively, the owner of a property.

Moreover, it is the property notary in Rennes who is responsible for carrying out this formality to make the sale enforceable against third parties, i.e. effective, not only between the buyer and seller, but also for all concerned.

The property notary in Rennes consequently notifies the terms and charges of the property sales contract as well as the taxation of the sale and property purchase.

It is essential to employ a notary for your property transactions in Rennes. Indeed, in property sales, the role of the notary is to advise you and check and draw up the deeds that you will be required to sign. It should also be noted that the notary offers optimum security for the transfer of property ownership by intervening in each step of the process.

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The notary can effectively move forward the sales process. This is because by performing a number of legal and tax audits and carrying out the various required formalities in this area, the notary prevents any disputes with the buyer. In this way, he checks your title deed or that property surveys have been conducted. He is also responsible for notifying the right of withdrawal and serving pre-emption rights.

Your notary, the exclusive point of contact for your property project

Drawing on an exceptionally complete property database, which all notary offices in France voluntarily contribute to, the notary has thorough knowledge of the market and prices. Your notary, who specialises in property in Rennes, also has the skills to determine the value of your property and carry out a property valuation. The notary can thus be affiliated to a property negotiator since he assists both the seller and the buyer in their search.

You can entrust to your notary your entire property project in Rennes, from the signing of the preliminary contract to the drafting of the final deed, the management of administrative formalities such as preliminary declarations and serving pre-emption rights, to the calculation of the various taxes declarable to the authorities, your notary is your right-hand man who ensures your property project in Rennes is a success.

Your notary, the guarantor of the legal security of your property project

As a public officer, the role of a notary is essential in any property sale. Indeed, he is the one who ensures the correct execution of the contract and gives it the required legal security and desired confidentiality. Your property notary in Rennes manages the following aspects in particular:

He gathers the necessary documents and avoids any possible disputes;
He enquires about the identity of the parties to the contract, verifies their marital status, title deed, mortgage situation and other conventional easements;
He serves pre-emptive rights and verifies that pre-sale surveys have been conducted;
He records in the land registry service the legal status of the property in the transaction;
He guarantees the preservation of the title deed by keeping it in his office for 75 years;
He allows the investor to take full cognisance of the management of his property assets.

In summary, the notary overseeing your property project in Rennes allows the sales process to move forward effectively. It is he who allows you to perform the various legal and tax audits by completing the required formalities.

« Notary fees » in property

At the time of acquisition, the buyer has to pay fees to the property notary in Rennes, which are divided into three categories:

  • « Transfer fees », i.e. taxes paid to the State and local authorities (around 80% of the fees).
  • « Disbursements », i.e. the amount paid by the notary to obtain specific documents (around 10% of the fees)
  • « Emoluments », i.e. the remuneration of the notary himself (around 10% of the fees). These are regulated and paid only once the deed is regularised.

Note: “fees” refers to deeds with an unregulated rate, such as commercial leases or legal consultation.