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Commercial property

Our office specialises in the field of building complexes (office buildings and logistics warehouses) and property development.

In the context of investor transactions, our team is responsible for:

  • Participating in pre-transaction property audits involving various professionals, including lawyers, chartered accountants and technical advisors;
  • Collecting information from sellers and setting up data rooms on sharing spaces that are secure and accessible online to all stakeholders;
  • Conducting legal analyses of the situation of buildings to be acquired and considering possible legal issues;
  • Drafting pre-contracts and deeds of sale.

Our team is also the main point of contact for local authorities and private or public developers, supporting them in their projects from conception to delivery:

  • The development and implementation of development operations;
  • Property analysis and acquisitions;
  • Giving advice on division permits to be requested;
  • Property development contracts;
  • The legal organisation of property complexes;
  • Property scheme financing contracts;
  • Sales before completion;
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